When Willa’s brother dies on the family fishing boat, her father forbids her from stepping foot on the deck. But her family needs her, and she’ll do anything to help out– even going to see the Grey Man, the legendary spirit who haunts the lighthouse, controlling the fog–and with it, the fate of any boat within 100 miles. But what Willa finds isn’t a spirit at all, but a boy trapped inside until he takes 1,000 souls.


Creepy, romantic and oozing with atmosphere, Mitchell deftly brings readers along on a nail-biting adventure. ” – Carrie Jones, NYT Bestselling author of NEED.

Willa’s messy, complicated love for her family is heartbreaking and true, as are her mistakes and acts of bravery. Readers will be swept away in this raw and beautifully-told story about grief, forgiveness and what binds us–love. – Jo Knowles, author of SEE YOU AT HARRY’S.

Coming February 4, 2014 from Harcourt

ISBN-10: 0547853157
ISBN-13: 978-0547853154

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